About us

Cefn Genetics was founded in 1940 by renowned pig producer K.B Jones and has enjoyed a reputation for healthy, fast growing, efficient pigs with carcasses containing a high percentage of lean meat.

Cefn Genetics has achieved this reputation through a forward looking breeding program.

This program uses innovative techniques and stringent selection standards to produce a range of sire and dam lines that exceed market needs.

An ongoing commitment to research and development both within the company and in cooperation with other organisations allows Cefn Genetics to adopt the latest techniques. Cefn Genetics employ a full-time, ‘hands-on’ geneticist who ensures the progress of all economic traits as well as developing sturdy, good looking stock bred for longevity.

“With continuing investment in facilities and people, Cefn Genetics is set to enhance its position as a progressive company at the forefront of worldwide pig breeding developments”

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