Cefn Meatmaster Terminal Sire- First Choice for Quality

The Meatmaster is Cefn’s highly conformed sire line boar.

The Meatmaster is an excellent terminal sire, generative hybrid vigour. The boar’s excellent lean tissue growth and feed efficiency produces the ideal finished fresh trade and processing carcass.

The Cefn Meatmaster Terminal Sire is a cross between the Line 11 (Belgian Landrace) and Line 33 (a European Large White). Both lines are selected for their ‘Meatiness’, Growth and Leanness.

This robust boar, when mated with parent females, such as the Clifton Gilt, creates the heterosis effect, which improves embryo survival and thus increases litter size. The resulting progeny are strong and viable with exceptional lifetime growth.

Semen from the Meatmaster is available from Cefn’s own Al centre in Queensland and SABOR in South Australia.

Meatmaster – First choice for Quality

  • A Genuine F1 – exhibiting high libido and is easy to manage
  • Increased hybrid vigour
  • High lean yield – Efficient in feed, market acceptability
  • Low backfat
  • Fast growth
  • Robust
  • Conformation – muscular physique
  • When mated to the Clifton Gilt it produces uniforms progeny
CEFN Clifton Meatmaster Boar