Cefn Clifton Gilt- First Choice for Value

The Cefn Clifton Gilt is a cross between the Line 36 and a Line 12. Both lines originate from a cross between European Female Lines and Cefn’s own breeding stock.

The Cefn Clifton Gilt produces more pigs per sow per year. This gives a valuable boost to our customers productivity and profitability. This gilt is easy to handle and produces large vigorous litters of fast growing, lean progeny.

CLIFTON GILT – High Value, High Quality

  • Genuine F1 – thus maximising heterosis and uniformity
  • Highly Prolific – selectable trait through BLUP
  • Robust – succeeds in all conditions
  • Hearty Appetite – even when climate can be restrictive  
  • Mothering Ability – milk production is good, piglets healthy and strong weaning weights
  • Conformation – fourteen functioning teats
  • Halothane Gene Free


CEFN Clifton Gilt