About CEFN

Established in 1940, Cefn is an independent Australian family owned agricultural business consisting of a group of companies that operate within the Pig Industry. Located in Queensland in the central Darling Downs region, Cefn is one of the largest pork producers in Australia.  Cefn have 7,000 sows on four different locations within South East Queensland. Cefn produces approximately 10% of Queensland pork production.

The Jones family manages the entire operation of pork production.  Starting on our farms producing the animal with a strong focus on their genetics, procuring the feed from our in-house feed mill with assistance from nutritionists, through to the distribution to export markets, wholesalers and retailers where our customer’s specific requests are paramount.  Pork production from paddock to plate!



Marcus Jones


Marcus is a third generation  Jones having  more than 30 years experience in all aspects of pork production. Marcus specialises in the construction and equipment supply to the Pig Industry.

Marcus has been involved in the Pig Industry for many years starting out as a Director of Pork Council in the 1990’s and is now a member and delegate to Australian Pork Limited and a member of the Qld Pig consultancy group. Marcus was instrumental in the inaugural Pan Pacific Pork Expo in 1998 and continues to support this bi-annual event. Marcus is also a graduate of Australian Institute of company directors (AICD)


Andrew Jones


Andrew is a third generation Jones in the family business with more than 35 years’ experience in Pork Production and management in both the UK and Australia.  Andrew brings expertise in production and staff management and oversees all production and capital expenditure.

Andrew is a member of Australian Pork Limited and a committee member of the QLD Pig Consultancy group


Ian Jones


Ian became involved with managing the  family business at Cefn  in the 1960’s and  progressed the business into the second generation. Ian expanded the business through investments in technology and innovations in accommodation and pig husbandry.

Ian is a graduate of the Australian Institute of company directors (AICD)



Colleen Kratzmann

Financial Controller

Colleen commenced working for Cefn as an Administrative Officer in 1989. Over the last three decades, Colleen has undertaken various administration roles in all facets of the business including data input, pig records, export documentation, wholesaling and finance. In 2014 Colleen became the Financial Controller of the group of Cefn Companies. Colleen has a Diploma in Accounting and is a Commissioner for Declarations.


Zane Harper

Operations Manager

Zane commenced at Cefn in 1991 after completing an Associate Diploma Applied Science in Pig Husbandry. Zane has undertaken various roles throughout the organisation over the last 27 years. This has included farm management, genetic sales and management of capital expenditure for expansion. 

Zane currently oversees and manages all operations within the company including pig production on all farms, staff management, farm maintenance, dirt/cattle farming and transport. Zane recently has been instrumental in the design and construction of the expansion of new buildings and renovations on farms.


Walter Osbourne

Breeding and Technical Manager

Walter commenced employment with Cefn in 1993 as an Assistant Production Manager. Walter has been responsible for the genetic advancement of the Cefn group of farms as well as Cefn’s CIN clients in pig production throughout Australia. Walter has also spent three years in the Philippines running Cefn’s Genetic business.

Walters current role as Company Geneticist involves management of piggery nucleus breeding programs and supporting clients throughout Australia in achieving sustainable programs in an ever improving efficient manner.

Walter has a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Queensland.


Dave Scott

Production Manager

Dave commenced working for Cefn in 1993. Dave has had extensive expereince in managing all aspects of pig production and is involved in the daily running of all our farms. Dave has a certificate III in Agriculture.