OUR FARMS- Technology and Development

Cefn owns and operates four pig farms within South East Queensland supplying more than 2,850 pigs per week to market.

Our original Cefn farm and head office are located in Clifton, with our other three farms, Susco, Kyles and Strathane located in the Leyburn, Ellangowan region.

Cefn farm is a conventional breeder unit that supplies piglets to our environmentally controlled grower farm at Strathane.

Susco Farm is a conventional breeder unit with a new state of the art farrowing house that supplies piglets to Strathane.

Kyles farm is our genetic nucleus farm. This farm produces all of the replacement breeding stock for the breeder units

Strathane Farm is our largest development. Strathane houses all the grower pigs in tunnel ventilated buildings. In 2017, a new breeder unit was constructed that incorporates the latest technologies in housing, feeding and ventilation.

Cefn has invested in a custom designed Feed Mill on their farm with the capacity of 10 tonnes per hour. This has decreased our milling costs and increased our feed quality control.

Cefn continues to invest in genetic research and development and high health programs within the company which allows Cefn to adopt the latest techniques in pig breeding