Cefn is committed to consistently producing high quality, ethical and safe pork that is nutritious and tender by implementing world-class animal welfare regulations along with efficient and sustainable production systems.

Animal Welfare

Cefn strive to provide a high level of animal welfare in producing commercial pork products through exceptional husbandry skills and advanced equipment and systems. Cefn are compassionate and care genuinely about the health and welfare of their animals and handle all livestock in a humane manner. All pigs are transported in our own specially designed trucks.

Cefn operate under a group gestation sow housing system on all of our breeder farms which allows monitoring and management for optimum health and welfare of our pigs. Pigs produced from our farms are Gestation Stall free. Cefn employs a strict farm Biosecurity policy and quarantine procedures to maintain the health integrity of our animals.

Environmental Sustainability

Cefn are committed to a sustainable future through responsible pork production by:

  • A sustainable environmental management plan
  • Efficient production systems to conserve energy and water. 
  • Renewable Energy through solar panels and a Biogas plant –  Solar panels have been fitted to three farms and one farm including our Feed mill run from a Biogas plant. This system Captures and utilizes methane from a digester on the farm and has significantly reduced our carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

Employees and Community

Cefn employ more than 100 people throughout various locations and are committed in providing a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees and contractors. Cefn Seek to recruit and retain highly skilled management and staff on all levels from established professionals to those just getting started with their career.

With the employment of more than 80 locals in the Clifton area, Cefn are committed in Investing in the local community through several charitable donations.

Quality Assurance

Cefn are committed to product safety and quality and is an accredited member of the Quality Assurance program- APIQ (Australian Pork Industry Quality) that includes food safety, practice for animal welfare and biosecurity standards. Cefn farms are Gestation stall free. Our Feed mill is Feed safe accredited. We process our pigs in an Export accredited Abattoir.

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